Services Overview

We at Top Shelf Brands offer a number of services to our customers

and we customize them to fit their specific needs.



Top Shelf Brands has a full-service Marketing suite. From startup to established brands, our team supports the marketing needs of all our brand partners. Dedicated brand managers will create a tailored marketing package to ensure brand growth, recognition and success across all online marketplaces. The Top Shelf Marketing team will work closely with our brand partners to create brand assets and content that can be used in conjunction with existing creative campaigns set forth by the brands themselves (imagery, logos, website content, advertisements). Each campaign success will be clearly measured through data and analytics to back them up. Some of our services we offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product Images
  • Storefront creation
  • Storefront maintenance
  • Sponsored Products
  • Headline Advertisements
  • Off Channel Advertising (Amazon Media Group) 
  • Listing Creation
  • Listing Optimization
  • Website Content


Creativity and design are instrumental parts of how your brand is received online. Our creative team members are experts in creating content that fits within your brand guidelines and performs well online. We spend time researching your company and utilize your assets to give you an authentic representation on our eCommerce platforms. Our creative services range from: graphic design, brand development, product photography and copywriting. Our team brings design thinking to your brand's online marketplace.

  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
  • Amazon Storefront Layout & Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Product Photos
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Design
  • Copywriting


In today's data-driven world, numbers are everything. It is essential to capture all performance related data in order to stay on top of of the competition. With an en-suite of proprietary programs and industry experts at our disposal we are able to do just that. It is one thing to capture the data, but analyzing it correctly and making the necessary changes to optimize performance is another. These analytics provide more accurate purchase forecasting which allows our brands to better prepare for production needs. The following is a sample of what we offer: 

  • A/B Listing Testing
  • A/B Advertising Reporting
  • ACOS (Average Cost of Sale) figures on a campaign level
  • ACOS figures on a keyword level
  • CTR (Click through rate) per campaign
  • Sales Traffic
  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily Sales forecasting
Brand Rep.png

Brand Reputation

Brands can take months, if not years to create. Every detail is thought out; from ingredients, products and pricing, to logos, slogans and trademarks. Companies meticulously select their distribution models and plan of action to carry into the market. Fast forward a couple months and a distribution leak later, and everything your brand once stood for is now out the window. It can be difficult for brands to accept the fact that if they manufacture a quality product, it will probably end up for sale on sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Jet, whether they want it to or not. This is where we step in. Top Shelf Brands enables companies to regain control over their products online by restoring brand imagery, messaging and content. We work closely with our partner brands to ensure wherever their products are being sold they meet the same brand standards/guidelines set forth by the brand themselves.

  • Enhance Product Imagery
  • Optimize Listing Copy
  • Customize channel specific storefronts
  • Increase price points 
  • Assist with identifying distribution weak points 


Efficient distribution can be a daunting task for both startup and established companies alike. In today's world of online shopping, expected "next day delivery" has become the norm; leading to a logistical nightmare for businesses. Inventory placement, management and control can consume a company's daily operations, taking away from growing the business/brand. With over 50 remote warehouses across the world and 1 centralized warehouse in the midwest, we make sure your product gets to the end user FAST. By partnering with Top Shelf Brands, your job becomes a much easier. Just ship your products to us in bulk and let us do the rest! We will receive the product in pallet form in our warehouse, prep it for individual shipments to end users and distribute it across the country to a series of our remote warehouses where our data tells us where the majority of end users are located. This ensures once orders come in, they will get to the consumer when expected.

  • Inventory Preparation
  • Quality Control 
  • Inventory Placement
  • Stock Management 
  • Returns Management 

Customer Service

With our dedicated team of Customer Service professionals, we are there to greet customers around the clock to assist them with any questions, comments or concerns they may have. We work closely with our brand partners to make sure all inquiries about their products are responded to and answered as if we were the brand ourselves. By partnering with Top Shelf Brands, you will gain a team of knowledgeable specialists who will advocate on behalf of your company and educate consumers on all the amazing benefits your products have to offer.

  • 365 day customer service availability 
  • Maximum 24 hour response time to all inquiries
  • Extensively trained staff
  • 100% positive feedback (Lifetime)
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Being consistently ranked in the top-50 Amazon sellers show that we know a thing or two about marketing products. Top Shelf Brands prides itself on our ability to sell products efficiently and effectively, all while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with all of our brand partners. Because we have perfected this strenuous balancing act, Top Shelf has decided to expand our efforts beyond that of just, and apply these techniques across other high-volume sales channels. These include, but are not limited to:,,, and This type of brand exposure exponentially increases visibility and sales volume for partner brands on as little or as many channels that they wish to be on. Below are some perks that our selling status has earned us. Contact us directly to see why this matters to your brand.

  • Strategic account managers 
  • Pilot program invitations
  • Beta program opportunities
  • Hazmat ability
  • Transparency collaborations 
  • Enhanced advertising capabilities


Top Shelf Brands has a long history of forming strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our brand partners. We know how to achieve longevity and continued success in our field is an absolute must. It is our partnerships with manufacturers which have allowed us to achieve rapid success for ourselves and the brands we represent alike. The landscape of online marketplaces is ever changing and our ability to evolve with them is due to the strong relationships we have formed. Achieving trust and comfortability with one another is first and foremost to know regardless of circumstances, and we will always have your company’s best interest in mind. Together, with mutual respect and understanding, we are proud to represent the brands we do and are confident they will say the same. Find out how a partnership with Top Shelf could positively impact your business. Contact us today. 

  • Mutually Beneficial

  • Long Lasting

  • Success Stories

  • Top Industry Professions only a call away