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Top Shelf Brands is an exciting place to work and has seen exponential employee growth since it started. We pride ourselves on offering employees a safe and comfortable environment to complete tasks in. We work to provide team members with the opportunity to grow as professionals, strengthen as leaders, and become better coworkers. Excitement, efficiency, and excellence are contagious at Top Shelf Brands.
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Company Goals

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Advance Employees

Provide employees with the opportunity to grow as professionals, strengthen as leaders, and become better team members. Also, aiding in our employees development of new skills that can be applied in and outside of work.

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Be Established

As a company, our goal is to become a long-standing company that holds ourselves to the highest standards of quality and consistency, and to be recognized and accepted as a curator of high-quality and trusted brands.

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Be Proactive

Have the ability to evolve, determine new trends, products, brands, and investments that will continue to propel us forward.

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Be Efficient

Do more with less. Create policies, procedures, and systems that get the task at hand done in a timely manner. Our business is 24/7, for this reason in a regular work day it is imperative we complete as much as we can so that work life balance can be achieved, resources are saved, and the company thrives.

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Serve Others

Provide our customers with high-quality customer service. Provide our brand partners with a customized partnership that they value. Provide our employees with a work environment they want to be in. Give back to the community.