about Top SHelf Brands

In 2014, Douglas Mrdeza ordered too much product for his barber shop. When he found great success in selling the excess product online, he created Top Shelf Brands and used his savvy business skills to turn it into the successful company it is today. Since then, Top Shelf has accumulated over 100 retail partners, 50 international warehouses, and a reputation for being the best solution for brands expanding into eCommerce.
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Our Team

Consider us an extension of your brand. We know how to navigate the fast world of eCommerce and have experts within every level of our team, from warehouse distributors to marketing analysts. With a team of over 30 professionals, we work hard to determine the best strategy to propel you to success. Contact us for a free consultation, and meet our team below.


Douglas Mrdeza

President & CEO


Ryan Mrdeza

Chief Operating Officer


Anna Mrdeza

Vice President of Human Resources


Ned Milana

Vice President of Sales


Scott Strantz

Shipping & Receiving Director


Jake Wilk

Chief Marketing Officer


Elizabeth Hickman

Customer Service Office Assistant

Staff Photos-0350-Edit.jpg

Andrew Beauman

Creative Director


Emily Beauman

Brand Content Specialist

Staff Photos-0394.jpg

Jake Perry

Photo & Video Specialist


Matt Bailey

Graphic Designer


Courtney English

Label Lead


Pedro Vidal

Mail Order Lead


Our team includes:

  • Customer service representatives

  • Data analysts

  • Marketplace specialists

  • Project planners

  • Design professionals

  • Dedicated warehouse workers

  • Copywriters